Professional options

TIFF If you specify TIFF files are saved in TIFF format 8 bits or 16 bits. Because we always process 16-bits, the additional costs are only the extra costs of storage on DVD media. Storage of the TIFF format is always with the Adobe RGB (1998) profile embedded. The TIFF format is much larger than the JPEG format.

Texts on slide mounts Written text on your slide mounts can be used to link to your archive or to add it to the image file as IPTC tag. This is especially important if your image already has a link with a digital archiving system. In these cases we provide an option to fix the text image relation before unmounting and/or scanning.

Transfer glass mounts the digitization of a glass mounted slides often gives a lower quality result. This has multiple causes and arises including: the structure of the anti-newton glass, forming a milky haze after a few years. The glass mount is also sensitive for water accumulation. For best results, and archiving for the long term, we recommend always to transfer the slides into a mount without glass. We can do the transfer to another mount at a reasonable rate.

Archive If you wish offered negative strips and slides can be store in an archive system. We deliver the material organized. Contact us for the possibilities..