Photo & Illustration

Scanning and digitizing of photographs and illustrations for different purposes are possible:

Additional copies or use in a digitally printed album.

To prevent the retention of the original.

Use in a digital image frame.

Email, use on your website or a publication.

We scan reflective material on a professional flatbed scanner. Depending on the application of the digital file we scan at 600 dpi or higher. An image format up to size A4 is possible. Contact us if you have larger sizes.

Scan from an album with page size up to A4.

We can print your original images up to size A2 and provide it with a professional mat.

Restoration of old photographs

Do you have an old photo that needs to be enhanced contact us about the possibilities.

Digitizing texts

Lost digital originals can be restored from a paper .

The document is read from the flatbed scanner directly to an OCR application. After OCR conversion the document can be read directly into an Office program. OCR conversion is only for smaller numbers.