The scanning or digitization of photographic images.

There are several reasons why to convert a photographic image into a digital image.

These are just a few examples of why to digitize photographic images. With Fotoscan, the most common reasons we encounter for digitizing is the preservation of images. About the decline of photographic material you can find here more information

Fotoscan makes a perfect digital copy.

Our passion for photography, brought us to the digitization of photographic images. At the end of the 90s we stopped working in the color darkroom and started digitizing. Since the early days we constantly examined the best possible ways to translate photographic material from analog to digital. For that we have invested in equipment and knowledge. This has been discovered by more and more customers who found us. Meanwhile we have worked for individuals, professional photographers and museums. We strive for the highest possible quality, while we try to keep the bill for you as low as possible.

We respect your wishes at each processing task in consultation with you. We take into account your specific needs, whether you are a private client with a family album, or a professional photographer primarily concerned with the presentation of the image or an archivist taking care for the collection.

Our digitized images can meet the highest standards and are suitable for all purposes for now and later. We are also familiar with the requirements imposed by the international agency Science Photo Library and the requirements established for photographic material within the national program Metamorfoze.

If you want we can create a digitization project. The digitization project includes for instance the linking of the image to your digital archiving system. More information can be found on the project page.