Professional standards

You do not have to be professional to take advantage of our professional standards.

Cropping. We always scan larger than the standard image size and then crop the image to size. During cropping we maintain the maximum usable part of the image just along the border. Portrait sizes are rotated to show upright.

Scratch Correction Before we scan every image is stripped from adherent substance. By using the Coolscan 9000ED remaining dust and scratches are optimally corrected. This scanner correction option is the best we know and performs significantly better than the Coolscan 5000ED. A comparison between these two scanners can be found here. Black & white cannot be scanned with digital ICE option.

Brightness and contrast correction. The brightness and contrast is adjusted with an optimal histogram. The adjustment of the displayed brightness and contrast are balanced to suit the lighting conditions of the recording of the image.

Color correction. The digital image on a calibrated monitor is compared with the original slide on a 5000K light panel. The digital image is adjusted so that it matches as closely as possible the original, unless the colors are faded. With color negative, we use a database with film types and adjust on recognizable tones and overall color balance.

Image Quality Control Every image is checked at 100% magnification and corrected for irregularities.

Faded colors We try recover the image by hand during adjustment. This gives a better result and gives us more control than using the scanner option.

Red eyes are removed during adjustment, unless you specify otherwise.

JPG is stored with the highest Q factor and the sRGB IEC61966-2.1 profile embedded.

Naming of your files is according your wishes. If you do not specify we use an own numbering.

Storage.. Especially for storage of your precious images we import the MAM-A Gold Archive DVD-R and CD ROM. According to the manufacturer this material has a expected data retention of 300 years and is the second most sustainable storage option that we know.