35mm, 35mm half frames and APS

The prices per image include 21% VAT and include professional standard.

Price per image: slide or negative, color or black and white.

  Resolution Printsize Price  
  1800 dpi 14x21 cm   0,30  
  2700 dpi 21x32 cm   0,42  
  4000 dpi  32x48 cm   1,22  
  Storage MAM-A Archive Gold CD 4,50  
  Storage MAM-A Archive Gold DVD-R 12,50  
  Shipping cost less than 10 kg (The Nederlands) 7,50  
  Example calculation      
    Number Price/Piece Total  
  Scan 1800 dpi 400 € 0,30 120,00  
  Storage MAM-A CD 2 € 4,50 9,00  
  Shipping costs 7,50  
  Total 136,50  
  JPG is the most common storage format. The estimated storage at 1800 dpi is approximately 200 images per CD and 1500 JPG images per DVD.

You can choose from the storage formats: JPEG, TIFF (8 bit) or TIFF (16 bit).You pay only the additional cost for CD or DVD in relation to the file size. This also applies if you want multiple formats. In these cases we make an offer.