1. Introduction
  2. Offer
  3. Implementation
  4. Technique
  5. Finally




While processing your photographic material to digital image we use a method that suits your task. So we check in shipping container at the entry or transit damage. In case of large numbers or important material, we get the material you personally.

Upon arrival we will check the numbers for each media type matches what you have provided and make an inventory for the digitization of the material. Depending on the material is made of a plan of order processing and preparation for scanning.

The material is then cleaned of adherent substance and placed in order for the scanners. In heavily contaminated material (adherent dust, mold, etc) we will contact to be taken. Between glass slides positives we scan preferably in a window without glass. This because of sharpness, scale formation and Newton rings between glass and slide. Do you have windows between glass to glass slides charge we will carry it in the bid request then on, we can do this at acceptable cost for you.

We always perform the scan with a depth of 16 bits and join the digital image a calibration profile of the combination scanner - film type. This calibration profile in the post processing of the digital image converted to the default color profile and color range scaling. The white balance and contrast are measured and corrected. Finally, the 16-bit digital image converted to 8-bit storage. This is available on request or TIFF. The unprocessed raw master file is always saved until you accept yourself with the delivery.

For storage of your valuable images, we use the MAM-A Archive Gold CD-R or DVD-R material. The MAM-A Gold Archive material, according to the manufacturer for a predicted shelf life of 300 years and is the next best material we know. After writing CD or DVD is a complete verification of geheleCD or DVD, so that we may know that the content matches our original. DVDs and CDs we have never described or pasted, which was linked with the keeping of the material. The CD or DVD can be identified by the digital label corresponding to the label on the cover

Of the entire contract is always made a web presentation and a separate CD or DVD inserted. This CD or DVD includes a search system for searching an image to DVD or CD-R. Especially important for large contracts.