About the Photographer

I was born in 1953 on the island Texel in the Netherlands. A preacher with his family stayed with us every year for several weeks in the summer. This preacher was also a gifted photographer and he infected me with his enthusiasm and his “Leica”. During my study I spent my time on portrait drawings and I bought my first camera in the ’70’s. This camera replaced charcoal and pencil. I learned photography on a job as technical photographer and improved my knowledge by reading books. Now a day I am working in software construction. But photography never left me and I never left photography. I constantly worked on a vision and the last few years’ the art of photography becomes more and more intense. Therefore I decided to share my work and had my first exhibits in 2004 and start of 2005.

The subjects can be described as: sceneries with nature, architecture and culture. There are also portraits.

About the work

What we observe comes to our mind through our senses where we memorize what is kept. What we remind of it, we call impression. When we represent it to others, we call this imagination. Photography is about imagination of what we have captured with our senses. The camera and the prints are the limited mechanized means. The role of the photographer is to select and capture the moment and use the limitations of the instruments. As photographer always searching for new impressions and searching for ways to gain the imagination of what is reminded.  For me it is important that it hits what I experienced at the moment it was captured. Therefore it takes me days or even months to judge and judge again if this completely matches the impression or decide to have no imagination. Most of the time there is no match, sometimes there is. “Sometimes” that’s what my work handles about.